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Creative and Novel Mouse Models

iTL maintains the confident and creative mindset that if you can think it up, we can make it happen. Researchers work with us to make creative and novel mouse models that defy convention and present technical challenges that other mouse modelers won’t approach.

"You think it up, we knock it out" has been the iTL scientist's traditional working motto. However, with maturation of the field of genetically modified mice and the expansion of our core capabilities, our seasoned scientists do much more than just knocking-out genes.

Model refinements such as conditional knockouts and knockins with insertions such as human and murine cDNA, reporter genes, point mutations and targeted transgenes have taken our scientific teams to the forefront of gene targeting technology.

iTL has worked with our clients to achieve such models as:

  • Humanized mouse models
  • Mass deletions: 150kb
  • Multiple point mutations with spatial separation
  • Conditional point mutations activated in the tissue of interest
  • Conditional knockout with a reporter gene
  • Spatially separated double knockout

NEW!  F.A.S.T.™ Knockin: A multi-purpose mouse line with the potential for five or more controllable functionalities.  Learn More

Our accomplished scientists will work directly with you to make your model a practical reality and a uniquely tailored tool to help push your research to new levels of success.

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     NEW! F.A.S.T.™ knockin
     Conventional knockout
     Conditional knockout
     Point mutation knockin
     cDNA/genomic insertion knockin
     Reporter gene knockin
     Targeted overexpression Rosa26 knockin
     Humanized mouse model
     NEW! Large BAC construct
     NEW! BAC transgenic construct

Embryonic Stem Cell line(s) of interest
     NEW! FLP ES cell lines
     C57BL/6 Agouti
     Hybrid (C57:129)


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