Core Facility Collaboration

Core Facility Collaboration from GeneTargeting.comingenious has been providing the research community with exceptional and advanced genetic engineering tools since 1998. In that time we have built relationships and formed collaborations with the goal of making gene targeted mouse models available to as many researchers as possible. We believe that there should be no obstacle between researchers and the tools that they need to complement their studies.

ingenious’ Embryonic Stem Cells: Our Cells in Your Hands

ingenious was the pioneering company to offer C57BL/6 embryonic stem cells for gene targeting back in 2002. All of our ES cell lines have a >90% euploidy rate compared to the industry standard of 70%, and have contributed to the creation and delivery of over 1650 unique models worldwide. By providing our targeted embryonic stem cells to core facilities around the world, ingenious offers the option to generate custom mouse lines quickly and within the comfort of your own facility. ingenious’ experts will create any design, from classic to cutting edge, and provide the most robust targeted ES cells available in the industry.

Here is how a collaboration between ingenious targeting laboratory and your core facility can work, using the relationship we have built with Emory University as an example:

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Core Facility Capabilities

Most core facilities have transitioned from embryonic stem cell, or ES cell, targeting and random integration transgenics to CRISPR in recent years. However, CRISPR cannot do it all (yet). Collaborations with ingenious have allowed core facilities to maintain their ES cell business, increase their injection business, and expand their gene targeting portfolio to include unique and proprietary technologies:


CRISPR: Cores from GeneTargeting.comFor conventional, conditional, point mutation, and tag/reporter insertion needs, we offer our CRISPR-assisted homologous recombination in ES cells as an approach for generating positive clones in a fraction of the time and cost compared to standard gene targeting. Some Directors find this useful for projects that they believe may require multiple rounds of CRISPR injections to achieve themselves, which can become cost prohibitive to the core.


BAC Large Scale Targeting from GeneTargeting.comDon’t let size limitations affect your design options. At ingenious, 200 kb is the new standard. Our proprietary BAC and fosmid technologies allow us to perform large scale gene targeting in a fraction of the time that is typically required for these types of projects.


No Doubt Conditional Knockout: Cores from GeneTargeting.comIn addition to standard conditional knockouts, ingenious has developed its No Doubt Conditional KnockoutTM, a sophisticated model for determining when and where your target gene has been disrupted. Utilizing our proprietary split-GFP design, reporter expression is tied to the recombination event and the restoration of GFP. Our technology removes concerns about leakiness and limited or low expression from the local gene promoter, as well as provides a reliable visual cue to show that your target gene has been knocked out.


Inducible Rosa26 Express: Cores from GeneTargeting.comDeveloping Rosa26 mouse models with inducible expression capabilities can be quite complicated and costly, and require mating with transcriptional activator or silencer mouse lines that might not already exist, when tissue-specificity is desired. ingenious has taken this complicated process and simplified it. Our Inducible Rosa26-Express targeting systems contains a floxed stop cassette and all of the necessary Tet-On control components, enabling tissue-specificity and inducibility without the need for transactivator or silencer mouse lines.


Cre: Cores from GeneTargeting.comIn some cases, an ideal Cre line does not exist for investigators who want to perform conditional knockout/knockin studies for their gene of interest. The generation of such a specific Cre line can be complicated by limitations in the approaches available for producing these mouse lines. By utilizing ingenious’ split Cre technology in ES cells, we enable the production of positive clones for just about any Cre line your researchers can think up, for injection at your facility.


Humanized Mice Cores from GeneTargeting.comOur proprietary TruHumanization technology enables us to insert large sequences, such as entire human genes into the mouse genome. This provides our clients with the advantage of retaining intronic sequences as well as promoter and enhancer sequences which are often important in regulating gene expression.


Establishing Relationships

Since 1998, our mission has been to advance the field of genetically modified mouse models and to put these tools in the hands of researchers who need them. For those whose passion and profession involve genetically modified research tools, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us and discuss how together we can generate mouse models as quickly and efficiently as possible for your institute.