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CRISPR Mouse Models

At ingenious, our mission is to successfully generate your gene targeted CRISPR mouse models as quickly as possible all while minding the 3 R’s (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement), which are the guiding principles for the humane use of laboratory animals. Based on these goals, we apply CRISPR in several capacities across our ever expanding portfolio of unique project types and proprietary design options.

CRISPR via Microinjection

We offer CRISPR microinjection services to generate mouse models at reduced cost in less time. By introducing CRISPR/Cas9 along with gRNA(s) and template DNA into zygotes, we are able to generate models quickly and efficiently. CRISPR microinjection projects cover a number of different project types and will continue to develop as the field advances.

CRISPR Assisted Targeting in ES Cells

We offer CRISPR Assisted targeting projects which provide the advantage of screening cells instead of mice, while at the same time reducing timelines and costs. CRISPR Assisted targeting provides the speed of CRISPR with the reliability of projects screened in ES cells.

As the field of genetically modified mouse models continues to advance, CRISPR gene editing will undoubtedly be at the forefront. At ingenious, we have been developing mouse models for nearly two decades and in that time we have lead the field with unique designs and proprietary technologies. As we continue to grow, CRISPR will remain an essential technology in our mission to provide genetically modified mouse models quickly and efficiently to as many researchers as possible. Click to view an overview of our mouse model project types and technologies.

After You Receive Your Mice

Combining your CRISPR targeted model with additional mouse lines to generate experimental cohorts can become challenging. This may require multiple mating steps, specific genotyping, and calculated colony scale up. ingenious’ post project support services provides the expertise needed for cohort development, as well as cryopreservation services to protect your investment.