custom mouse models

Custom Mouse Models

At ingenious, we understand that trust and communication are essential components in creating custom mouse models genetically engineered to our clients’ specificity. We specifically focus on providing a personalized service environment tailored to and driven by our clients’ needs. Our team of technical sales specialists, senior scientists, genetic designers and project managers provide you with multilevel guidance during our work with you and your custom mouse project.

Benefits of Working with ingenious

  • 18 years of experience, specialized in custom mouse model generation.

  • Proven with nearly two decades of published success.

  • Verified with client testimonials and success stories.

  • Guaranteed delivery of your mouse model, we go above and beyond the standard industry guarantee.

  • Strong relationship building and personalized client support from before your project begins to after your mice are delivered.

  • Competitive timelines and value-driven prices compared to industry competitors.


“We found iTL’s service to be exceptionally efficient and very well managed. We generated several mouse lines with iTL, and every step for each project was performed quickly and precisely, without any delays or problems.”

– Santos Franco, PhD
The Scripps Research Institute

We build strong relationships with our clients starting from the initial design consultation and continuing beyond delivery of mice. Because of this, clients come back time and again, and refer their friends and colleagues to ingenious.

How we work together with you at every stage of mouse production:

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Your Mouse is Our Guarantee

At ingenious, it has always been our business model to not give up on a mouse project. We understand that you need your mouse model, not just your money back.

Our custom mouse models:

  • We design your custom mouse model to ensure the highest chances of success, utilizing CRISPR and/or recombineering and homologous recombination.

  • We provide troubleshooting at no additional cost, allowing flexibility to change techniques, if necessary, to get your model completed.

  • We provide germline transmission mice as our deliverable, not just chimeras or founders.

Our clients consider our guarantee and flexibility to be the best in the business.

Testimonials & Client Success Stories

We have supported the scientific research community for nearly two decades, providing custom mouse models tailored for each researcher’s unique needs. With testimonials and client success stories, we are proud of our clients’ accomplishments.

Published Gene Targeting Expertise

We are one of the most highly experienced and published mouse gene targeting companies in the industry. All of the publications listed on our website are specifically for gene targeted mouse models that we created in-house for our research clients since 1998. Click here to browse our publications to date.

Intellectual Property & Confidentiality

Your project information is handled with utmost confidentiality and never shared with others. We retain no ownership to any of the mouse models that we generate for our clients. We will not re-make or re-sell your production materials or your mouse model to any third party.

Competitive Timelines

We have developed unique technologies that speed up the mouse production process. We deliver mouse models in as short as 6 months, based on project complexity and the technologies utilized.

Milestone Payments

No upfront payment is required to start a project. At ingenious, we follow a flexible milestone payment model where each step of the process is paid for separately and only upon completion of the milestone.

After You Receive Your Mice

We are here to help you during the mouse production process, and beyond. Once you receive your mouse model from us, your goal will be to generate a cohort of mice of a certain age, sex, and genotype, which you can then utilize for your experiments. The generation of experimental cohorts can be a challenging endeavor requiring multiple mating steps, careful genotyping, and calculated colony scale up. Traditional in-house breeding often becomes unnecessarily expensive and time consuming, leading to additional mice, cages, and housing costs and/or the loss of the mouse line altogether. ingenious offers prediction tools and consulting for developing breeding plans of action based on timelines and costs that best fit your lab, as well as cryopreservation services to protect your investment. Read more about our post project services.