Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Lines

Embryonic Stem Cell Lines from GeneTargeting.comThe secret to ingenious’ success lies within our high-performing mouse embryonic stem cell lines, which are regularly tested for quality and have been extensively validated. All of our ES cell lines have a >90% euploidy rate, compared to the 70% industry standard. From these, over 1,650 gene targeted mouse models and targeted ES cell clones have been delivered. Hundreds of gene targeted models generated by ingenious have been published in high impact journals, including in Science, Nature, and Cell.

Our mouse embryonic stem cell strains at a glance:


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Back in 2002, ingenious was the pioneering company to offer C57BL/6 embryonic stem cells for gene targeting and mouse model production. Our C57BL/6 ES cell line has proven to be very efficient, exhibiting a 100% success rate in germline transmission. With over 600 C57BL/6 projects delivered to date and additional projects underway, ingenious has the expertise required to be successful with this difficult strain. Not all C57BL/6 mice are the same – different substrains exist. Read more on how the substrain can impact your phenotype results.


ingenious’ pioneering line, the 129 strain, is the traditional agouti mouse strain that has been used for the past 20 years in the field of gene targeting. Our 129 line has proven over time to exhibit high levels of homologous recombination and germline transmission.

HYBRID (129 x C57BL/6)

We developed our hybrid cell line to incorporate the strengths of both the 129 and C57BL/6 lines into a single, more robust ES cell line. The hybrid line exhibits dramatic rate increases (an average of 200%) in frequency of positive clones per targeting event in production.

Ultimately, these improvements result in more efficient germline transmission, enabling us to produce and deliver your mouse models faster and at a reduced cost.

FLP ES cell lines

Constantly striving to further optimize our processes and generate mouse models as efficiently as possible, ingenious now introduces our new FLP ES cell lines, available in C57BL/6, Hybrid (129:C57) and Agouti C57BL/6. Our FLP ES cell lines carry the FLP transgene which is ubiquitously expressed. With this, the F1 mice we deliver using ingenious’ FLP ES cell lines are already germline Neo negative – hence FLP matings are no longer needed!

This saves our clients one mating step, 3 months of time, and funding. Read more on our FLP ES cell lines.


ingenious has a robust and validated Balb/c ES cell line for the generation of custom mouse models, first introduced to clients in 2010. The Balb/c strain is best known for its utility in the fields of immunology and cancer research. However, its characteristics make it a useful model in other fields as well. Balb/c has been noted specifically for its use in cardiovascular research, as well as in the study of deficits in learning and behavior, and neuro-developmental defects. The Balb/c strain also boasts a long reproductive life span, and has been shown to breed well. Read our white paper.