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February 14th, 2018

What Is A Knockin?

What Is A Knockin by INGENIOUS

What Is a Knockin Mouse and Why Is It Used? Understanding just what is a knockin method and a knockin mouse can help us further our understanding of some of the most advanced research methods used in modern science. As researchers continue to find out more about the human genome and the role that each […]

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What Is A Conditional Allele?

What Is A Conditional Allele by INGENIOUS

Understanding Animal Model Options and Specific Uses of Alleles in Genetic Research – What Is a Conditional Allele? Genetically modified animals are the cornerstone of research programs across a tremendous range of topics. Mice in particular are invaluable because genetic modification techniques have been available for decades, so a large number of different modified mice […]

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Knockout Mice Purpose

Knockout Mice Purpose by INGENIOUS

Researching Knockout Mice – Purpose and Understanding of Long Term Benefits When it comes to knockout mice, their purpose in research has already had a profound effect on our understanding of human genetics. We’re uncovering the underlying causes of conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many other debilitating disorders. Genetic research conducted on mice […]

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Knockout Mice Method

Knockout Mice Method by INGENIOUS

Using the Knockout Mice Method to Find Relevant Gene Information – Essential Steps and Useful Information The knockout mice method has been known since 1989, when researchers Martin Evans, Oliver Smithies and Mario R. Capecchi came up with the first successful procedure of creating a healthy knockout mouse that could deliver its knockout gene to […]

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Knockin Mice

Knockin Mice by INGENIOUS

Knockin Mice and Their Remarkably Crucial Role in Studying and Fighting Disease Knockin mice are the leading edge when it comes to the research of genetic diseases and genetic sequences that could hold the key to accelerating or stopping some of the most debilitating diseases known to man. Much progress has already been achieved in […]

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Knockdown Mice

Knockdown Mice by INGENIOUS

Knockdown Mice and the Important Cutting Edge Technologies That Make Their Creation Possible While knockdown mice are still experimental, there is a fair amount of research associated with these animal models. Unlike in gene knockout, where entire genes are erased, gene knockdown is a slightly different technique that only targets gene expressions. Through this experimental […]

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How A Knockout Mouse Is Made

How A Knockout Mouse Is Made by INGENIOUS

How a Knockout Mouse is Made – Types of Methods and Specific Procedures Understanding how a knockout mouse is made is not necessarily an easy task. In recent years, with advancements in technology and the development of methods that can be easier to understand, the science has become available for transgenic facilities to streamline the […]

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Gene Knockout Method

Gene Knockout Method by INGENIOUS

The Search for the Best Gene Knockout Method for Achieving Targeted Results The gene knockout method is a popular tool for genetic manipulation that researchers usually associate with mouse models designed to study specific diseases and new treatment methods. Gene knockouts are often targeted towards specific genes and mutations that are meant to achieve a […]

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Conventional vs. Conditional Knockout

Conventional Vs Conditional Knockout by INGENIOUS

Conventional vs. Conditional Knockout Mice – The Superiority of Advanced Conditional Knockout Technologies There are many reasons why the issue of conventional vs. conditional knockout mouse models is solved through a clear superiority of advanced conditional methods. Traditional knockouts were originally considered the most advanced engineered knockout laboratory mice. Some of the latest techniques in […]

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Conventional Knockout

Conventional Knockout by INGENIOUS

Gaining a Deeper Understanding About Conventional Knockout Mice and Their Role in Genetic Research Genetic research has come a long way in the past few years alone as a result of advancements made with the help of conventional knockout animal models. The knockout process is designed to inactivate a gene in an organism with the […]

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Conditional Knockout Mice

Conditional Knockout Mice by INGENIOUS

A Look at Conditional Knockout Mice and the Methods Used to Create Them Conditional knockout mice play a critical role in genetics and biology research, because they allow scientists to manage how and when a specific gene is deleted. Genes can have different functions during an individual’s lifespan. Most dramatically, a gene may be essential […]

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