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April 12th, 2018

CRISPR Transgenic Mice

Crispr Transgenic Mice by INGENIOUS

The Simplicity of Using CRISPR: Transgenic Mice and Genetic Research Since the development of CRISPR, transgenic mice are easier to obtain than ever, and CRISPR techniques have brought many new opportunities for research in the scientific community. Designed to create quick and efficient changes within DNA, gene editing systems such as CRISPR/Cas9 are extremely popular […]

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Crispr Mice by INGENIOUS

The Prospect of Using CRISPR Mice and the Future of Medical Research Many new breakthroughs were possible through the use of CRISPR mice. The CRISPR technique is one of the most groundbreaking new achievements in genetic research, and it works remarkably well to achieve knockout and transgenic mouse models for genetic research purposes. For anyone […]

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CRISPR Knockout

Crispr Knockout by INGENIOUS

Generating a CRISPR Knockout – Important Thoughts on the CRISPR/Cas Technique Generating a CRISPR knockout is easier than ever with advanced and highly simplified techniques like CRISPR/Cas9. The CRISPR Cas system has been in use for years, and it’s already helped researchers achieve some important breakthroughs in the field of medicine and genetic engineering. With […]

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CRISPR Knockdown

Crispr Knockdown by INGENIOUS

Advancements in Modern Genetics: Obtaining a CRISPR Knockdown and Why It Is Helpful When it comes to the experimental aspect of using CRISPR, knockdown genes are one of the few that truly captivate the attention of scientists all around the world. While knockouts and knock-in genes can offer tremendous insight into the inner workings of […]

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CRISPR Gene Targeting

Crispr Gene Targeting by INGENIOUS

CRISPR Gene Targeting and Genome Editing Methods Offering Increased Accuracy With the use of CRISPR, gene targeting in experiments involving genome engineering, transgenes and gene knockout has advanced to an impressive extent. While gene targeting was always possible with various other gene editing techniques, such as TALENs and the DSB-inducing of nucleases with customized DNA […]

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CRISPR Gene Knockout

Crispr Gene Knockout by INGENIOUS

Advanced Genetics: The Benefits and Uses of CRISPR Gene Knockout CRISPR gene knockout techniques have become highly popular in recent years, as scientists have used the technique countless times to research the influence that certain genes have on the mouse genome. Knockout mice offer impressive insight into the inner workings of the human genome, due […]

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Crispr Cas9 by INGENIOUS

CRISPR Cas9 and the Groundbreaking New Advancements in Genetics and Molecular Biology If you’ve read about some of the news regarding breakthroughs in molecular biology and genetics in recent years, you’ve probably already heard about CRISPR Cas9. This revolutionary new tool has allowed scientists to reach new levels of accuracy when it comes to making […]

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