ingenious targeting laboratory is excited to announce the addition of custom gene-edited rat models via an exciting breakthrough technology. Our unique CRISPR/Cas9 rat technology utilizing spermatogonial stem cells streamlines the production of rat models with unparalleled speed and accuracy, establishing germline-confirmed rat lines 50 percent faster than other CRISPR technologies allow. This robust system provides a cost-effective means to generate models with enormous predictive power that will shape development of better therapies. Click for more information on how our CRISPR Rat model technology works.

Dr. Kent Hamra, UT Southwestern Medical Center, commented, “This unique technology takes gene editing one step further, alleviating issues of consistency, predictability and mosaicism which are common when using traditional CRISPR approaches.”

Mr. Paul Sheiffele, President of ingenious targeting laboratory, stated, “Adding the generation of rat models with this proprietary technology undoubtedly positions ingenious to better provide more options to our current, past and new clients. We believe that our clients will be very excited about the robustness of this technology and quality of the rat models generated.”

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