Colony Management Consultation

Colony Management Consultation

Managing mouse colonies is a time consuming and costly process, which becomes even more costly in the absence of a proper colony management plan. Furthermore, with technicians and post-docs rotating in and out of labs regularly, maintaining experienced personnel to manage your mouse colony can prove difficult. Ultimately, the lab may be overpaying due to the lack of focus that is required to achieve goals and to control costs. With so much of your research depending on effective colony management to produce the experimental animals you need to meet your goals, should the planning be left to just anyone?

ingenious targeting laboratory has been providing the research community with exemplary services in the field of custom genetically modified mouse models since 1998. We now offer our expertise in the comfort of your own facility. Whether you are starting a new colony, maintaining an existing colony, or building an experimental cohort, ingenious’ colony management consultation service removes constraints and allows you to focus on your research.

Evaluation of Your Colony

We provide an initial evaluation to determine the status of your mouse colony and with proprietary prediction and modeling software, we calculate if your colony can meet your experimental goals. Based on this assessment, we are able to plot a course to optimization and success by interacting with your personnel, providing clear and concise plans of action.

On-Site Colony Management Solutions

Colony optimization and cost savings: Our experts will trim the excess and calculate your needs in advance, for reducing your colony size and monthly bills.

Colony status at a glance: Log in to our secure software anytime to see the status of your colony, from a general overview to information on individual mice.

Predictable experimental numbers: Generate the exact number of experimental mice you need when you need them. Using our proprietary prediction and modeling software, calculating timelines, cost, and total animal numbers required for cohorts has never been simpler.

Full control over your experiments: With ingenious guiding your lab, there is no more guessing whether your colonies are being utilized in the best manner to meet your experimental goals.

Prevent the brain drain: While technicians and post-docs rotate in and out of labs, ingenious is your rock. By regularly providing plans of action designed to meet your long and short term goals, the colony management experience you rely upon remains constant even as the faces change.


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