When it Comes to CRISPR Mice, What Exactly is Your Deliverable?

The production of genetically modified mouse models is changing faster than ever thanks to CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. With multiple approaches available for generating knockout or knockin mice, it is important to understand exactly what the deliverable is, and what needs to be done after receiving your mice.

Did you know that most CRISPR mouse production services are only guaranteeing founders for the timelines and costs quoted? Similar to transgenic pronuclear microinjection, founder mice that are genetically modified via CRISPR microinjection need to be bred for 1-2 generations to remove allelic and cellular mosaicism, and to confirm germline transmission prior to mice expansion and experimentation.

Cas9 editing may occur after the first round of zygote division and the CRISPR/Cas9 components will likely not be carried to all cells during division. This results in a founder mouse composed of cells with different gene editing events. If your desired editing event is not represented in the gametes of your founder, then germline transmission has not been achieved.

A deliverable of guaranteed founders does not mean that you will receive a germline confirmed mouse model. When exploring your options for creating a novel mouse line, be sure to ask, “What deliverable does this guarantee cover?”

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