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Custom Mouse Models

At ingenious, every model we create is custom tailored for the specific needs of your research. Our advanced and versatile mouse model types including conditional point mutants, and conditional knockouts incorporating reporter genes, can become the cornerstone of your research.  Learn more about our advanced technology for producing transgenic miceContact us today to discuss the ideal custom mouse model for your next project and beyond.

When you think about your long-term research plans,  you’ll see where a better model becomes necessary. A better animal model will be the core of your research today and in the future.

Together we choose the best design and approach for your new model.

Delivery is guaranteed. We’ll try multiple approaches if necessary to get your model completed.

We provide confirmed germline transmitters and a complete screening strategy for your lab to use.

Benefits of Working with ingenious

Experience– 19 years of custom mouse model generation.

Proven success– models used in hundreds of published studies.

Satisfaction– customers return again and again with new projects. 

Guaranteed delivery–  your mouse model, not just your money back.

Personalized support– from before your project begins to after your mice are delivered. 

How we work together with you at every stage of mouse production:

Knockout Mice in the Study of Human Genetic Disease

Knockout Mice And Their Role in Disease Research Our understanding of human health and disease has been advanced immeasurably by research using knockout mouse models. In the thirty years since targeted gene knockouts were first demonstrated, thousands of these models have been created. For many human genetic diseases a specific gene is found to be

What is the Mouse Knockout Timeline?

Understanding the timeline for generating knockout mice Today a founder mouse for a new knockout line can be generated in as little as 3 months. The pups of that founder can be genotyped 3-4 months after that, which is an essential step to confirm that a potential founder will pass on the mutation to the

Incredible Results of Drug on Alzheimer’s Transgenic Mouse Model

Diabetes Drug Tested in Alzheimer’s mice “significantly reversed memory loss.” A drug developed for type 2 diabetes could be an effective way to treat Alzheimer’s disease. In recent research done in the UK, a drug developed for diabetes was tested in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease and showed significant improvement in neurocognitive function,

Natural Antiviral System Inspires New Tool For Researchers

“How will this system work if I remove one vital piece?” For researchers studying living organisms, answering this question is often a major component of their research. The system in question may be as small as three molecules or as large as a whole animal. Depending on the system and the nature of its components

You will receive a quote within 24 hours, and one of our technical consultants will contact you to discuss your next Custom mouse model.

“We are actively engaged in the production of a number of conditional mouse models with iTL. This collaboration has been simple on my end, just providing the gene accession numbers of each gene, and iTL recommending the strategies for each gene. The full range of mouse knockout services matches my needs well. I find iTL’s service uniquely useful for my situation of needing different models for my research in a quick and efficient manner.”

– Mehboob Hussain, MD