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Humanization of Larger Animal Models


Humanization of Custom Rabbit Models

A major bottleneck in researching human disease and developing new drugs is the lack of larger animal models that more accurately simulate human disease in the pre-clinical setting. The advantages of developing better models for human biology become clearer every day, especially including improved chances of translating research from animal model to human patient.

Along with mice and rats, ingenious is pleased to announce that we now offer custom rabbit models for your research, including rabbits with human sequences knocked into their genomes. Utilizing the CRISPR/Cas9 system we provide custom-targeted humanized rabbits to fit your drug discovery and disease research needs.

ingenious also offers custom rabbit models for research areas including cystic fibrosis, immunodeficiency and cardiovascular disease. Click here for more information on our targeting capabilities.


Why humanize a larger animal model?

  • For FDA requirements. The increased chances of your animal research translating into clinically useful products balance out the cost and complexity of using larger models. Larger animals give better insights into dosing, safety, and methods of delivery.
  • For medical device testing. Some medical devices cannot be made small enough to fit into a rodent and still provide information that will be relevant for humans.
  • For drug formulation. After developing your new molecule in mice, testing in a larger animal will give more accurate data for planning human trials.
  • For surgical and other procedures. Large animal models have proven invaluable time and again for developing surgical procedures, especially for accurately testing anesthesia protocols.

Looking to get started on a custom rabbit model for your project? Contact ingenious to learn more.

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