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How To Make A Knock In Mouse

How To Make A Knock In Mouse by INGENIOUS

How Knock ins Are Made and How Much of an Impact They Have on Genetic Research Knowing how to generate knock-in mice is one of the most important and sought out goals that amateur and professional researchers alike can pursue. Successfully creating a knock-in mouse model is considered a somewhat more difficult feat than that […]

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Knock In Mice Vs Transgenic Mice

Knock In Mice Vs Transgenic Mice by INGENIOUS

Knock-in Mice vs. Transgenic Mice – What You Need to Know Transgenic and knock-in mice have existed for years. As the methods used to generate them continue to advance, more and more impressive research studies make use of these mouse models to help genetic researchers come up with new treatments and drugs. Whether it’s debilitating […]

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Knock-In Mice Protocol

Knock-In Mice Protocol by INGENIOUS

New Methods of Using Previously Failed Knock-in Mouse Protocols to Gain Higher Efficiency The importance of knock-in mice in genetic research cannot be undervalued. With so many genetic researchers relying on data from knock-in mouse models to determine whether or not a certain treatment, technique, or drug may be effective for countering various disorders, new […]

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Rosa26 Knockin

Rosa26 Knockin by INGENIOUS

Advancements in Genetic Modification: Understanding the Rosa26 Knock-in and Its Uses Ever since knock-in mice were discovered, researchers began investigating the best location to target the transgene in new knock-in mouse models. In time, as researchers tried a variety of locations within the mouse genome, they found a locus or two where any genetic material […]

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Difference Between Knock In And Knockout

Difference Between Knock In And Knockout by INGENIOUS

Knockout vs Knock-In Mice – What Are the Main Differences Between the Two? Knock-in and knockout mice are both genetically altered mice that assist researchers in understanding the genetic functions of the human body at a greater level of detail. While doing genetic research directly on humans and modifying genes in human tissues is still […]

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Knock In Knock Out Mice

Knock In Knock Out Mice by INGENIOUS

The Similarities and Achievements of Knock-in, Knock Out Mice and Genetic Manipulation Techniques There is much deliberation about the practical insight and help that the use of knock-in and knockout mice has brought over the years. Scientists have proven time and time again that there are real, innovative achievements that we can look forward to […]

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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Making My First Knockin Mouse Model

knockin mouse model

My First Knockin Mouse Model Creating a new mouse model is a major step in any research program. Some things may have come to mind such as, “Can’t I finish this project using models that already exist?” or “Will I ever graduate if I undertake a knockin mouse model project?” If you have reached a […]

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Gene Knockin Mouse

Aha! I Need a Gene Knockin Mouse... Now What?

Aha! I Need a Gene Knockin Mouse… Now What? Moving to animal studies At the start of your research, a live animal model may not have been necessary. You may have been studying a biochemical pathway or process that is highly conserved and can be investigated using cultured cells or sometimes with cell-free assays. Or […]

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Mouse Model of Lymphoma

conditional point mutation

Taking Control with a Conditional Point Mutation Model When designing a point mutation mouse model you should ask yourself, “Is a mouse with this mutation present in every cell the best model for my research?” It may make more sense to only express mutant sequence in specific cells, for example when making a cancer model. There […]

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Expand the Possibilities of Humanized Models

humanized models

…Beyond the Coding Sequence. Human genetic sequences have been routinely inserted into the mouse genome since the early 1980s when reliable methods were first developed. These genetically humanized models were quickly recognized as a means to study human diseases or produce specific valuable human proteins. Recent method development has expanded the possibilities for genetic humanization and […]

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What Is A Knockin?

What Is A Knockin by INGENIOUS

What Is a Knockin Mouse and Why Is It Used? The gene knockin method, as well as knockin mouse models, can help us further our understanding of some of the most advanced research methods used in modern science and prove useful for a variety of applications in research, medicine and biotechnology. As researchers continue to […]

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Knockin Mice

Knockin Mice by INGENIOUS

Knockin Mice and Their Remarkably Crucial Role in Studying and Fighting Disease Knockin mice are the leading edge when it comes to the research of genetic diseases and genetic sequences that could hold the key to accelerating or stopping some of the most debilitating diseases known to man. Much progress has already been achieved in […]

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How Do I Start My Custom Model Project?

custom model

Begin your custom animal model in 3, 2, 1… Gene of interest? Check. Model type? Check. Species and strain? Check. Great, let’s get started! When you are ready to start a custom animal model project with us, we’re ready to move your project forward, too. Step 1: Sign your project quote and let your sales […]

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