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How Do I Start My Custom Model Project?

custom model

Begin your custom animal model in 3, 2, 1…

Gene of interest? Check. Model type? Check. Species and strain? Check.

Great, let’s get started!

When you are ready to start a custom animal model project with us, we’re ready to move your project forward, too.

Step 1: Sign your project quote and let your sales consultant know that you’re ready to start the project. If you need a special invoicing procedure (this is often due to grant funding needing to be used by a certain date), or have additional services you want for your project, let your sales consultant know about that too.

Step 2: We notify you that your project has been initiated and introduce you to your Project Manager. This happens within about a day after Step 1, as long as no further technical discussions are needed for moving your project to our production team.

Step 3: Your Project Manager introduces you to one of our gene editing Designers who is designing your animal model. Sometimes your Project Manager and Designer is the same person. The Designer sends the proposed gene editing strategy for your project, for your review and approval. This is typically within a week after Step 2. Upon your approval of the strategy, we begin preparing the gene editing materials for your project.

Step 4: Your project is fully initiated by now and moving along in our production! So now, some administrative stuff. Have your institute or company create a blanket Purchase Order for your project, to send to us within 30 days after our initiation of your project.

As we progress with your project, expect to receive invoices for milestone payments, as we complete your project milestones. Your Project Manager will also be in contact with you throughout your project, to keep you updated on the progress.

OK, now on to your next step! Click to begin.

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