New Service ingenious CRISPR 100%

New Service ingenious CRISPR 100%

We’re welcoming 2018 with the introduction of our innovative new service: ingenious CRISPR 100%.

Our scientists use the latest advances in CRISPR/Cas9 targeting, utilizing simultaneous production steps, and backed by almost 20 years of successful mouse model delivery to safeguard the production of your rodent model. Our proprietary process allows us to produce the models you need with 100% certainty.  The ingenious CRISPR 100% service utilizes a customized, mouse-specific process characterized by optimized, alternative production steps that are run simultaneously. Utilizing this broad, parallel workflow overcomes many of the disadvantages typical for standard CRISPR gene editing which relies on interdependent sequential as well as repetitive procedures.

With our new service you can benefit from:

  • Guaranteed delivery of your model, not just your money back.
  • Faster speed than classic, conditional CRISPR approach.
  • Save time and money, with no exhaustive mating to reach germline.
  • Streamlined project design and management.
  • Easy project initiation, no waiting lists for service. Start your project within one hour.


Model types that are available using ingenious CRISPR 100%:

  • Conventional knockout (one gene or multiple genes)
  • Point mutation knockin (single or multiples)
  • Conditional knockout
  • Insertions up to 200 kb
  • Combinations of the above
  • Rosa26 targeted transgenic mice

Let us succeed for you where others have failed.  With ingenious CRISPR 100%, we deliver the technology you want with the certainty you need. As one of the very first mouse gene targeting companies, ingenious targeting laboratory (ingenious) has been providing custom genome edited knockout and knockin models to researchers worldwide for nearly twenty years. Well over 1,700 projects have been completed, and validation of our rodent model production capabilities are published in hundreds of journal articles including in ScienceNature, and Cell. We constantly work to advance technologies, and our services, to fully support the research needs of our community. Have a custom project in mind? Contact us today for a free design consultation.

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