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p53 Humanized Mouse Models

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p53 Humanized Mice

ingenious targeting laboratory has developed over 100 humanized p53 mouse targeting vectors, or P53 humanized mouse models, which includes both standard and conditional p53 mutations. Using the elegant p53 targeting system developed by ingenious, investigators studying the p53 gene and relevant protein pathways now have at their fingertips a suite of validated, cost effective products and services at their disposal. We offer a selection of pre- made vectors and targeted ES cell lines, using our own robust and validated ES cells. The flexibility of this system allows for customizable and regulatable mutations that fall between exons 4-9 of p53. Genetically engineered mouse models of human disease, such as the P53, can provide new insights into cancer.

Vector Overview

  • Mutations occur in the DNA binding domain of the p53 gene, exons 4-9.

  • The wild type murine sequence can be excised using Cre, resulting in a tissue-specific or temporally controlled mutated humanized sequence.

P53 schematic from GeneTargeting.com


  • Cost effective

  • Time savings – pre-made vectors in as little as 2 weeks, custom vectors and targeted ES cell lines in 8-10 weeks.

  • The conditional p53 mutations can mimic the actual cancer development in humans as it can be programmed to be turned on at any given developmental stage in the mouse.

  • Temporal control of human p53 expression.


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The information regarding these targeting vectors, including the detailed design down to the base pairs, can be visualized online here.

P53 technology validation: Hanel W, Marchenko N, Xu S, Yu SX, Weng W, Moll U. 2013. Two hot spot mutant p53 mouse models display differential gain of function in tumorigenesis. Cell Death Differ 20(7):898-909.

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