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Stem Cell

What Is A Stem Cell Line?

What Is A Stem Cell Line by INGENIOUS

What Is a Stem Cell Line and What Is Its Significance in Genetic Research? Understanding what stem cell lines are is an integral part of learning about the new ways that genetics impact the science of regenerative biology, and how it can lead to curing some of the most debilitating ailments known to medicine today. […]

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What Are Stem Cell Lines?

What Are Stem Cell Lines by INGENIOUS

What Are Stem Cell Lines Used for in the Study of Genetic Disorders? Genetic research has come a long way in the past 30-40 years, and a large part of that progress has been attributed to the use of mouse and human-derived embryonic stem cell lines. Stem cells have revolutionized several fields of study and […]

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Stem Line

Stem Line by INGENIOUS

What Are the Best Approaches to Using a Stem Line for Research? The use of stem cells for researching better ways to fight disease has been widely considered a successful endeavor for promoting the future use of stem cell lines in medicine. Although learning about these cell lines and their potential is a slow process, […]

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Stem Cell Line

Stem Cell Line by INGENIOUS

What Are the Best Means of Growing a Stem Cell Line? The research work revolving around stem cell lines is extremely important, seeing how it helps scientists understand more each day about how stem cells work and how they can be used to help the body repair itself at a cellular level. Because of this […]

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Mouse Stem Cells

Mouse Stem Cells by INGENIOUS

The Importance of Using Appropriate Mouse Stem Cells and Following Culture Protocols Mouse stem cells are used on a regular basis in relation to a wide array of experiments and research studies. The use of stem cells has become even more widespread through the development of mouse embryonic cell lines than through any other cell […]

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Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells by INGENIOUS

Important Recent Breakthroughs in the Development and Use of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells For decades and even centuries, mice have been used for experimentation, whether to find a cure for a specific ailment or to conduct complicated genetic trials on entire generations of mouse subjects. The new line of research associated with embryonic stem cells […]

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Mouse Cell Line

Mouse Cell Line by INGENIOUS

The Many Uses of a Mouse Cell Line and the Advances in Animal Stem Cell Research Why should researchers focus on using a mouse cell line instead of conducting their experiments directly on human stem cells? While human stem cells obtained from bone marrows, blood, placentas or even embryonic cells obtained from blastocysts left over […]

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ES Cell


What Is an ES Cell Model and Why Is It Useful? There has been a lot of talk about ES cell cultures in the past few years. Researchers cannot stress strongly enough the importance of this line of research and what it could mean for the future of medical research and genetic engineering. Despite any […]

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ES Cell Line


The Challenges of Obtaining an ES Cell Line to Fight Neurological Diseases Neurological disorders and injuries such as spinal cord injuries (SCI) have long been known to present significant issues to medical experts who try to prescribe a viable treatment against them. While there are conventional treatments and drugs that could help, there are no […]

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Embryonic Cell Lines

Embryonic Cell Lines by INGENIOUS

How Embryonic Cell Lines Can Be Used to Treat Cancer Cancer has been one of the most debilitating diseases throughout the past hundred years. While new therapies are constantly appearing on the forefront, cancer is notoriously difficult to eradicate, mainly because it’s hard to detect in time and because there are so many different types […]

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Cell Strains

Cell Strains by INGENIOUS

How Are Mammal Cell Strains and Cell Cultures Grown and Manipulated? Growing mammalian cells under controlled conditions can be an excellent way to test anything from genetic therapy solutions to the effects of various tumors and diseases on specific types of cells. Cell culturing can be limited to specific cell strains, or led toward the […]

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