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Cre-Lox Facts


6 Facts You May Not Know About Cre-Lox By Richard Row, PhD The basics of conditional knockout mice are familiar to any researcher who uses mouse models, even if this model type isn’t yet a part of your research. Using the Cre-lox system in an experiment seems simple: two lines are crossed, one with tissue-specific […]

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4 Reasons To Use Targeted Transgenic Mice Over Random Insertion

reasons to use transgenic mice

By Jennifer Parla, Ph.D. Don’t Leave Your Research Up To Chance Our study of biology has benefited greatly from the ability to create gene constructs and express them at the cell or organism level. While introducing and establishing gene expression constructs in cells may be more straightforward and can be less rigorous in methodology or […]

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What Is A Conditional Allele?

What Is A Conditional Allele by INGENIOUS

Understanding Animal Model Options and Specific Uses of Alleles in Genetic Research – What Is a Conditional Allele? Genetically modified animals are the cornerstone of research programs across a tremendous range of topics. Mice in particular are invaluable because genetic modification techniques have been available for decades, so a large number of different modified mice […]

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