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Point mutation

Client Success With Knockin Mouse Model

Point Mutation Knockin Mouse Model Brings Client Success

Point Mutation Knockin Mouse Model Brings Client Success Dr. Virginia Kimonis started her career as a pediatrician in the UK and United Arab Emirates, where she encountered a number of patients with rare genetic diseases. These experiences motivated her to pursue training as a clinical geneticist at the National Institutes of Health. She also trained […]

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Mouse Model of Lymphoma

conditional point mutation

Taking Control with a Conditional Point Mutation Model When designing a point mutation mouse model you should ask yourself, “Is a mouse with this mutation present in every cell the best model for my research?” It may make more sense to only express mutant sequence in specific cells, for example when making a cancer model. There […]

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Recent Client Publications!

research model

Congratulations to our Clients Congratulations to our Clients Dr. Douglas Gould from UCSF School of Medicine, Dr. Ichizo Nishino from National Institute of Neuroscience, Japan, & Dr. Jian-xing Ma from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Their research and publications included the use of conditional knockout models, and point mutation knockin mouse models from ingenious. They now are among the hundreds […]

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