Mouse Models Customized for Your Research

Established in 1998, ingenious targeting laboratory is a leading global mouse gene targeting company. We utilize cutting edge technologies from our mouse model toolbox, provide in depth scientific analysis, and offer specialized customer care to create mice that are tailored to our clients’ specifications. This includes: Custom Knockout Mouse Models, Humanized Mice Models, Knockin Mice, Transgenic Mice, Point Mutations; the possibilities are endless. Our trusted service is built on nearly two decade’s worth of success, as shown in our hundreds of publications. We have delivered gene targeting projects to investigators, organizations and companies in 44 states and 25 countries. Working with ingenious you will receive:

  • Faster timelines (as short as 6 months) for germline-transmission mice

  • Guaranteed delivery of your mice, not just your money back

  • Cost effective model generation by utilizing our proprietary methods

Latest News

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    Dr. Kristin Anderson’s Groundbreaking Research on Effective T-cell Treatments for Ovarian Cancer New research conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center by Drs. Phil Greenberg and Kristin Anderson…

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  • May
    A New Humanized Mouse Model Leads to New Opportunities in Treating Colorectal Cancer While immunotherapy is effective in the case of many different types of cancer, colorectal cancers have…

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