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As a world leader in gene targeting services and custom mouse model production, iTL has over a decade of experience serving clients across six continents. iTL’s full-service model has enabled medical and academic researchers to receive over 1,400 successful and unique gene targeted mouse model lines. iTL's clients return regularly for the experience, service and results that push research forward.


iTL: The world leader in providing academic and medical researchers with gene targeting services and custom mouse model production.


Partnering with iTL ensures:

  • Experience. Benefit from the experience of over 15 years of leadership in the field of gene targeted mice.
  • Publishability. Our clients publish the research they achieve with their iTL custom mouse model in the highest impact journals.
  • Innovation. Attain your research goals with the most current and efficient technology and techniques.
  • Security. iTL is the full-service gene targeted mouse model producer with the strongest track record for success and the best full-service guarantee in the industry.


"We are 100% satisfied with iTL’s service in generating this mouse model for us. The model was completed quickly, with the utmost efficiency and each member of their team was extremely responsive and helpful. The full service guarantee, as well as the company’s excellent reputation were major decision factors for us." (Client Testimonials)
- Joseph A. Fraietta, PhD


iTL releases TruHumanization™
for improved humanized mouse models

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ISTT announces Dr. Feng Zhang will receive 3rd Young Investigator Award. Sponsored by iTL

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Service Guarantee
iTL's full service guarantee is the most powerful and comprehensive in the mouse model industry