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Gene EditingEstablished in 1998, ingenious targeting laboratory is a leading global provider of custom genetically modified mouse models.  Our trusted service in gene editing is built on over a decade’s worth of successful mouse model creation for investigators, organizations, and companies in 44 states and 25 countries.  We establish and maintain strong client relationships and support, and ensure the highest quality of our products.  Our clients retain full intellectual property rights to their projects and benefit from full confidentiality.

As one of the very first mouse gene targeting companies, ingenious targeting laboratory (ingenious) has been providing custom genetically modified knockout and knockin models to researchers worldwide for nearly two decades. With over 1,700 projects completed and validation of our mouse model production capabilities published in hundreds of journal articles including in Science, Nature, and Cell, our research clients return time and again, and refer their friends and colleagues for the service provided by ingenious.

Our emphasis has always been on delivering the highest quality product by utilizing the best technologies available in the mouse model toolbox. Our motto is “You think it up, we knock it out, or in” and we have accomplished just that, time and again. ingenious is well established and respected among the long standing companies in this field.

Delivering models that have advanced the research of over 900 laboratories worldwide, ingenious utilizes both embryonic stem (ES) cell and CRISPR/Cas9 based technologies. Some of the mouse models we create include: constitutive and conditional (loxP) knockout mouse models, knockin mouse models (point mutations, cDNAs, reporter genes, tags, etc), humanized mouse models, inducible/reversible gene expression mouse models, and targeted transgenic mouse models. Utilizing our proprietary technologies results in the production of sophisticated, next generation mouse models and advancements in gene editing.

ingenious exclusively creates mice whose genotypes are tailored to our clients’ specifications. With full service capabilities, all project milestones are performed in the U.S.A. Our proprietary methods and the expertise of our dedicated production team allow model development to begin as soon as the technical objectives are confirmed. With over 1,700 projects completed and validation of our mouse model production capabilities published in hundreds of journal articles, our clients return time and again for the quality of service provided by ingenious.


Our corporate headquarters and laboratories are located in Ronkonkoma, New York, U.S.A. We are fortunate to be surrounded by, and enjoy relationships with, world-class research institutions such as Stony Brook University, Cold Spring Harbor and Brookhaven National Laboratory. In addition, being located near New York City places us at a global hub of travel, providing us with a gateway to our clients across the U.S.A. and the world.

Global Client Portfolio

ingenious has generated over 1,700 mouse models for researchers in over 25 countries and 44 US states. We are a global provider of custom knockin, knockout mice, and transgenic services. Zoom in and click on the red dots to find out which specific institutes in your state or country we have worked with so far.



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