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BAC to BAC: Large Scale Targeting at ingenious

Base Designs Around Experiments, Not Limitations

For too long, mouse model designs have been dictated by size constraints imposed by the limitations of technology. At ingenious, our mission to push past limits has led to the development of proprietary BAC and fosmid technologies that reduce the time associated with these projects to a fraction of their typical imposing scale.

At ingenious 200 kb is the New Standard

From the initial project concept, to identifying positive clones, to confirming F1 neo deleted mice, all within a year- 200 kb targeting is the new “standard size” at ingenious targeting laboratory. Design your model, the center of your research, around what is needed to advance your field, not just what someone else tells you is possible.

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No-Doubt Conditional Knockout™: Certainty through GFP

Flank entire genes with ingenious’ next generation conditional knockout system in a single targeting step. By combining reliable, long range BAC targeting with ingenious’ split-GFP technology, verification of your BAC scale knockout has never been more clear.


Replace an entire genomic mouse gene with the human ortholog, including introns, in a single targeting step. Intronic sequences contain regulatory features, microRNA genes, promoters, enhancers, and splice sites for transcript isoforms. Ensure that you are working with the complete picture, because a gene is more than just the protein that it encodes.

Point Mutation Models

Introduce as many point mutations as needed in a single targeting step with a reliable timeline. Alternative approaches, such as CRISPR, require multiple independent targeting events to achieve the same result. The odds of multiple targeting events occurring on the same allele are quite low and decrease with each additional mutation required.

Knockout Models

Delete entire genes and gene clusters in a single targeting step without the fear of truncated protein expression.

Knockin Models

From co-expression to fusion, to reporter tagging and more- ingenious can achieve these designs in a single targeting step. Introduce the exogenous sequences that your research requires, not what is simply available utilizing outdated technologies.

After You Receive Your Mice

ingenious provides the advanced technology options to address any and all of your experimental needs, but our services do not stop there. ingenious’ post project support services provide the tools you need for cohort development so you can focus on your research, and cryopreservation so you know your mouse line is protected.