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Rapid-Rosa26™ Targeting:

Improving Targeted Transgenics

Transgenic mouse models helped to advance our understanding of biology, disease, and medicine for decades. The introduction of exogenous genes into the mouse genome will continue to play a significant role in the basic and biomedical research fields. Traditionally a question has been which targeting strategy to apply: random integration via pronculear injection or a targeted knockin approach via homologous recombination in ES cells. Targeted Transgenics offer the advantage of precise gene targeting and copy number control, but at increased time and cost when compared to random transgenics.

Introducing ingenious’ Rapid-Rosa26™ Targeting Models

Rapid-Rosa26™ Targeting models are ingenious’ solution to the call for custom targeted transgenic models with shorter production timelines and reduced cost, without compromising performance and quality. We utilize well validated gene targeting strategies combined with our ready-to-go enhancing vectors to deliver your expression cassette or cDNA to the Rosa26 safe harbor locus in record time. By combining these technologies, we generate precisely targeted, custom transgenic mouse models with a variety of expression possibilities at up to 25% reduced time and cost when compared to traditional targeted knockin models.

Enhancing Cassette Options

Our Rapid-Rosa26™ Targeting models can be custom designed with the following traditional and novel expression strategies:

  • Including our proprietary F.A.S.T.™ cassette, enabling inducible/reversible expression control of your cDNA.

  • loxP flanked, removable stop cassette for tissue specific expression.

  • Tissue specific promoters to control expression.

  • Reporter or tag cassettes for co-expression with your cDNA.

  • Tetracycline system expression cassettes for use with inducible models.

  • Custom designs according to your specifications.


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After You Receive Your Mice

Once you receive your Rapid Rosa26TM mouse model from ingenious, your next step will be to generate a cohort of mice of a certain age and sex, which you can then utilize for your experiments. The generation of experimental cohorts can be a challenging process requiring multiple mating steps, specific genotyping, and calculated scale up. ingenious offers prediction tools for developing breeding plans of action based on time lines and costs that best fit your lab, as well as cryopreservation services to protect your investment. Read more about our post project support services.

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