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Humanized MODELS

Trust ingenious to Fully Humanize Your Target Gene

From a single base change to replacement of a 200kb mouse gene with human in a single step. Learn more today about generating humanized mice models using our exclusive TruHumanization™ Technology.

Fastest CRISPR Rat Models

Now available at ingenious

ingenious now offers custom rat models utilizing the fastest technology on the market – CRISPR modification in spermatogonial stem cells.

Our streamlined and predictable service takes CRISPR gene editing to a new level, providing germline transmission rats 50% faster than competitors.  Push your research into a new era with an ingenious CRISPR rat model.

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“You think it up, we knock it out… or in.”

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Our innovative technology has accelerated the research of over 900 laboratories.

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“I’ve been working with iTL over the past 5 years in the production of 3 different genetically altered mice. Not only did iTL help in the design of the mice, but the entire process was transparent with the opportunity at any time along the way to discuss my questions or concerns with scientists who had significant insight into the process. The mice were delivered on time, as billed!”

Raghu Mirmira, MD, PhD

Indiana University

“ingenious was very competitively priced compared to other reputable transgenic companies. Most importantly, however, from the very beginning their knowledge and competence convinced me they would deliver on our project, so I trusted them and they fully met our expectations. Why use anyone else!”

Murray Clarke, PhD

University of Cambridge

With an ingenious design, any model is possible.

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