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Leveraging over 30 years of experience in animal model generation, we specialize in creating precise genetic models for your progressive research. Whether you need a custom animal model, catalog model, colony management or preclinical services, ingenious delivers results - All in one place. Our models are instrumental in scientific advancements across research fields including immunology, neuroscience, oncology and more. Benefit from over 3 decades of scientific prowess in the field of genome engineering and ignite your research.

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“The Hephaestin flox model ingenious has made for us has been great. It has helped generate eight research publications.”– Joshua Dunaief, PhD, MD  
University of Pennsylvania

4 Comprehensive Research Solutions

Backed by over twenty years of published success

Custom Mouse Models

Crafted for your research

At ingenious, every model we create is custom made for the specific needs of your research. We offer classic knockout and knockin models, as well as advanced targeting options including conditional point mutations and conditional knockouts with reporters. With our new technologies, we are able to create custom animal models more efficiently than ever before. An ingenious model can become the cornerstone of your research for years to come.

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Cohort Development

Dedicated Cohort Breeding Services

Once you receive your animal model, your ultimate goal will be to generate a cohort of mice to utilize for your experiments. Traditional in-house breeding often becomes an unnecessarily expensive and time consuming process. By outsourcing the generation of mouse cohorts to ingenious, you will benefit from an expert staff that will work with you to determine the most efficient breeding plan to ensure you have the right animals for your research when you need them - reducing your in-house burden.

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Catalog Models

Over 500 Genetically Humanized Mice

Explore our wide-ranging catalog of genetically humanized mouse models, invaluable tools for gene function, drug screening and efficacy studies. Our catalog models are study-ready, dependable, and competitively priced, providing you with quick and reliable options for your experimental needs.  These mice are all available on the C57BL/6 background, giving you the predictability you need. Our humanized catalog mice will fit seamlessly into your research plans.

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Preclinical Solutions

Comprehensive Preclinical Services

Based on our genetically humanized mouse model repository, ingenious offers preclinical services for your drug candidates of interest. We aim to satisfy the study requirements of your in vivo experiments, mechanism investigation and molecular biological studies, and to confirm the effectiveness and safety of new drug(s). Our preclinical services that are available include Non-GLP Toxicology, Pharmacokinetics, Phenotype Analysis, Pharmacology & Pharmacodynamics.

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Guaranteed Delivery of Custom Animal Models

Our confidence in our services is unmatched. We guarantee the delivery of your custom model no matter what.  Our refined process has been built over decades of successful model generation, ensuring delivery of your mouse model, not just your money back.

Over Three Decades of Mouse Model Expertise

With over 30 years in the field and hundreds of publications, our extensive experience is infused within every project we take on. Our longstanding industry presence is a testament to our reliability and our commitment to advance scientific research.

Skilled Team Behind Every Successful Project

Our skilled scientific consultants and expert technical staff form the foundation of our services. They offer a wealth of expertise and tailored support, guaranteeing the success of your research projects whenever you collaborate with us

Rapid, dependable delivery services for every need

Understanding the importance of time in research, we pride ourselves on our efficient delivery times. Our streamlined processes ensure that you receive your models promptly, advancing your research endeavors ahead of your competitors.

“The Hephaestin flox model ingenious has made for us has been great. It has helped generate eight research publications.”– Joshua Dunaief, PhD, MD  University of Pennsylvania