Humanized your Mouse Gene with TruHumanization™

Create the ultimate humanized mouse model with precise gene replacement.

TruHumanization™ technology, exclusively at ingenious targeting laboratory, allows for precise gene replacement of entire mouse genes with human genomic sequences.  There are no longer limitations with leaving out human noncoding regions in the design, leading to mouse models that more accurately represent human biology.

TruHumanization™ technology also allows for the addition of reporters or the creation of conditional alleles, providing researchers with increased control over gene expression. These models enable more effective studies of human genes and diseases, providing researchers with greater control, flexibility, and relevance in their research endeavors.

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“iTL has generated three knockout and conditional KO mice for my lab. One of them is now published and we would like to thank iTL for the very nice service.”– Kai Ge, PhD
NIDDK, National Institutes of Health

Gene Replacement