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Double Immune Checkpoint Humanized Mice

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Targeted humanized mice, now available in less time.

As part of ingenious targeting laboratory’s collaboration with Shanghai Model Organisms Center, Inc., we now offer double immune checkpoint humanized mice. These research-ready, genetically modified models are an affordable, convenient option for your next experiment.

Available on the widely used C57BL/6 background, our double immune checkpoint models are ideal for many different kinds of human disease and drug efficacy studies. No matter which catalog mouse model you choose, you can expect reliable and translational results.

Reasons to purchase catalog humanized mice at ingenious

  • Both ingenious and SMOC have been established as providers of genetically modified mouse models for over 20 years.
  • Our double immune checkpoint humanized mice are among some of the most affordable catalog models in North America and Europe.
  • Compared to other vendors, all of our immune checkpoint models are on the pure C57/BL6 background. We also offer BALB/c as well for some of the lines.
  • You can expect much faster timelines when purchasing off-the-shelf models compared to generating a new custom model.
  • We have a large selection of strains for research studies in cancer, immunotherapy, drug screening, and more.
  • Our team of scientific consultants has the expertise you seek when evaluating options for your next mouse model. Inquire today!
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Double immune checkpoint humanized models at ingenious:

Strain Name Catalog No. Data Price
OX40/CTLA4 IT-HU-00105 PDF Inquire
PD-1/4-1BB IT-HU-200279 PDF Inquire
PD-1/CD40 IT-HU-190017 PDF Inquire
PD-1/CTLA4 IT-HU-00079 PDF Inquire
PD-1/LAG3 IT-HU-00101 PDF Inquire
PD-1/OX40 IT-HU-00108 PDF Inquire
PD-1/PD-L1 IT-HU-00100 PDF Inquire
PD-1/TIGIT IT-HU-00104 PDF Inquire
PD-1/TIM3 IT-HU-00103 PDF Inquire
PD-L1/CTLA4 IT-HU-00102 PDF Inquire
PD-L1/LAG3 IT-HU-00137 PDF Inquire
PD-L1/OX40 IT-HU-00111 PDF Inquire
PD-L1/TIGIT IT-HU-18013 PDF Inquire
SIRPA/CD47 IT-HU-190019 PDF Inquire