FLP ES Cell Lines

One step ahead with ingenious’ FLP ES cell lines.

Always striving to improve the mouse model production process, ingenious has created unique FLP ES cell lines that provide a labor-free introduction of the site-specific recombinase as soon as targeted ES cell clones have been identified.

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“Just want to say thank you to everyone involved in this project. Everyone was friendly, punctual, professional, and easy to work with.”– Michael Reid, PhD

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How Does it Work?

Our FLP ES cell lines carry the FLP transgene which is ubiquitously expressed. After the targeting vector is introduced into one of our FLP ES cell lines, the recombinant clones carry both the selection cassette and the FLP recombinase. ES cell clone screening identifies targeted clones in which the FLP recombinase has deleted the selection cassette, and those clones are used to produce chimera mice. Those chimera mice are then mated with wild-type mice to produce the completed, germline confirmed mouse model. No second electroporation or additional mating steps are required for Neo removal.

The Advantages of Using Our FLP ES Cell Lines

  • A shorter project timeline, with 3 to 6 months of saved time
  • Less manipulation of ES cells
  • Reduced animal husbandry needs and costs
  • Less genotyping work
  • Minimized human error

FLP ES Cell Lines Available

  • C57BL/6
  • Hybrid (C57BL/6 x 129/SvEv)