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Meet ingenious Scientist Jennifer Parla

ingenious Scientist Introduction: Jennifer Parla

ingenious Scientist Introduction: Jennifer Parla

Jennifer is a Scientific Strategy Consultant at ingenious. She completed her graduate work in molecular biology & biochemistry at Stony Brook University, then studied genetics of psychiatric disorders at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for her postdoctoral research. At ingenious, Jennifer helps researchers with design strategies for creating their custom genetically engineered animal models. Sometimes she goes to the dojo for aikido after work, and practices tai chi on Sundays.

Take a look below to see Jennifer’s expert posts about animal models:

gene knockin

1) Aha! I Need a Knockin Mouse… Now What?

At the start of your research, a live animal model may not have been necessary. But since studying human diseases involves modeling the disease in lab research animals, here’s what you should think about before starting a mouse model project. Read more

reasons to use transgenic mice

2) 4 Reasons To Use Targeted Transgenic Mice Over Random Insertion

Don’t leave your research up to chance. Before you start your next experiment, consider these 4 reasons why a targeted transgenic mouse model may be necessary. Read more

rat models human disease

3) Understanding Rat Models Of Various Human Disease

While the use of mice in research has grown significantly over the past few decades, rats have certain characteristics that supersede mice when it comes to studying and modeling human disease. Read more

custom model

4) How Do I Start My Custom Model Project?

Gene of interest? Check. Model type? Check. Species and strain? Check.

When you are ready to start a custom animal model project with us, we’re ready to move your project forward, too. Read more

If you’d like to talk with Jennifer about your next custom mouse model with ingenious, you can request a quote or schedule a meeting with her.