We are one of the most highly experienced and published mouse gene targeting companies in the industry. All of the publications listed on our website are specifically for gene targeted mouse models that we have created in-house for our research clients since 1998.

Hundreds of Publications & Counting

2018 Publications

Cardamone MD, Tanasa B, Cederquist CT, Huang J, Mahdaviani K, Li W, Rosenfeld MG, Liesa M, Perissi V. 2018. Mitochondrial Retrograde Signaling in Mammals Is Mediated by the Transcriptional Cofactor GPS2 via Direct Mitochondria-to-Nucleus TranslocationMol Cell 69(5):757-772.

Lawrence DW, Kornbluth J. 2018. Reduced inflammation and cytokine production in NKLAM deficient mice during Streptococcus pneumoniae infection. PLoS One 13(3):e0194202.

Wallace CH, Wu BX, Salem M, Ansa-Addo EA, Metelli A, Sun S, Gilkeson G, Shlomchik MJ, Liu B, Li Z. 2018. B lymphocytes confer immune tolerance via cell surface GARP-TGF-β complexJCI Insight.

Alvarez MB, Xu L, Childress P, Maupin KA, Mohamad SFG, Chitteti B, Himes E, Olivos Iii DJ, Cheng YH, Conway SJ, Srour EF, Kacena MA. 2018Megakaryocyte and Osteoblast Interactions Modulate Bone Mass and Hematopoiesis. Stem Cell Dev.

Suetterlin P, Hurley S, Mohan C, Riegman KLH,  Pagani M, Caruso A, Ellegood J, Galbusera A, Crespo-Enriquez I, Michetti C, Yee Y, Ellingford R, Brock O, Delogu A, Francis-West P, Lerch JP, Scattoni ML, Gozzi A, Fernandes C, Basson MA. 2018Altered Neocortical Gene Expression, Brain Overgrowth and Functional Over-Connectivity in Chd8 Haploinsufficient Mice. Cereb Cortex.

Cortes JR, Ambesi-Impiombato A, Couronne L, Quinn SA, Kim CS, da Silva Almeida AC, West Z, Belver L, Martin MS, Scourzic L, Bhagat G, Bernard OA, Ferrando AA, Palomero T. 2018. RHOA G17V Induces T Follicular Helper Cell Specification and Promotes Lymphomagenesis. Cancer Cell 33 (2):259-273.

Chang HF, Manneback S, Beck A, Ravichandran K, Krause E, Frohnweiler K, Fecher-Trost C, Schirra C, Pattu V, Flockerzi V, Rettig J. 2018. Cytotoxic granule endocytosis depends on the Flower protein.  J Cell Biol 217 (2): 667-683.

Nixon AM, Meadowcroft MD, Neely EB, Snyder AM, Purnell CJ, Wright J, Lamendella R, Nandar W, Huang X, Connor JR. 2018. HFE Genotype Restricts the Response to Paraquat in a Mouse Model of Neurotoxicity. J Neurochem 10.1111/jnc. 14299.

2017 Publications

Wu BX, Li A, Lei L, Kaneko S, Wallace C, Li X, Li Z. 2017. Glycoprotein A repetitions predominant (GARP) positively regulates transforming growth factor (TGF) β3 and is essential for mouse palatogenesis. J Biol Chem. 44: 18091-18097.

Chang HF, Mannebach S, Beck A, Ravichandran K, Krause E, Frohnweiler K, Fecher-Trost C, Schirra C, Pattu V, Flockerzi V, Rettig J. 2017. Cytotoxic granule endocytosis depends on the Flower protein. J Cell Biol.

Liu QR, Canseco-Alba A, Zhang HY, Tagliaferro P, Chung M, Dennis E, Sanabria B, Schanz N, Escosteguy-Neto JC, Ishiguro H, Lin Z, Sgro S, Leonard CM, Santos-Junior JG, Gardner EL, Egan JM, Lee JW, Xi ZX, Onaivi ES. 2017. Cannabinoid type 2 receptors in dopamine neurons inhibits psychomotor behaviors, alters anxiety, depression and alcohol preference. Sci Rep 7: 17410.

Noh K, Mangala LS, Han HD, Zhang N, Pradeep S, Wu SY, Ma S, Mora E, Rupaimoole R, Jiang D, Wen Y, Shahzad MMK, Lyons Y, Cho M, Hu W, Nagaraja AS, Haemmerle M, Mak CSL, Chen X, Gharpure KM, Deng H, Xiong W, Kingsley CV, Liu J, Jennings N, Birrer MJ, Bouchard RR, Lopez-Berestein G, Coleman RL, An Z, Sood AK. 2017. Differential Effects of EGFL6 on Tumor versus Wound Angiogenesis. Cell Rep 21: 2785-2795.

Wischhof L, Maida S, Piazzesi A, Gioran A, Barragan Sanz K, Irsen S, Beyer M, Schultze JL, Dyer MJ, Salomoni P,  Ehninger D, Nicotera P, Bano D. 2017. The SWI/SNF subunit Bcl7a contributes to motor coordination and Purkinje cell function. Sci Rep 7: 17055.

Valnegri P, Huang J, Yamada T, Yang Y, Mejia LA, Cho HY, Oldenborg A, Bonni A. 2017. RNF8/UBC13 ubiquitin signaling suppresses synapse formation in the mammalian brain. Nat Commun 8: 1271.

Price NL, Rotllan N, Canfran-Duque A, Zhang X, Pati P, Arias N, Moen J, Mayr M, Ford DA, Baldan A,  Suárez Y, Fernández-Hernando C. 2017. Genetic Dissection of the Impact of miR-33a and miR-33b during the Progression of Atherosclerosis. Cell Rep 21: 1317-1330.

Zhao L, Wang B, Zhao X, Wu X, Zhang Q, Wei C, Shi M, Li Y, Tang W, Zhang J, Yang J, Singh SK, Jia S, Luo Y. 2017. Gain of function in the mouse model of a recurrent mutation p53N236S promotes the formation of double minute chromosomes and the oncogenic potential of p19ARF. Mol Carcinog.

Dong S, Barnawal S, Garcia A, Gomez SS, Eastlack S, Iwakuma T, Mercante D, Mauvais-Jarvis F, Alahari SK. 2017. Nischarin Inhibition Alters Energy Metabolism by Activating AMP-Activated Protein Kinase. J Biol Chem.

Maltese M, Martella G, Imbriani P, Schuermans J, Billion K, Sciamanna G, Farook F, Ponterio G, Tassone A, Santoro M, Bonsi P, Pisani A, Goodchild RE. 2017. Abnormal striatal plasticity in a DYT11/SGCE myoclonus dystonia mouse model is reversed by adenosine A2A receptor inhibition. Neurobiol Dis 108: 128-139.

Feldner A, Adam MG, Tetzlaff F, Moll I, Komljenovic D, Sahm F, Bauerle T, Ishikawa H, Schroten H, Korff T, Hofmann I, Wolburg H, von Deimling A, Fischer A. 2017. Loss of Mpdz impairs ependymal cell integrity leading to perinatal-onset hydrocephalus in mice. EMBO Mol Med 9: 890-905.

Genabai NK, Kannan A, Ahmad S, Jiang X, Bhatia K, Gangwani L. 2017. Deregulation of ZPR1 causes respiratory failure in spinal muscular atrophy. Sci Rep 7: 8295.

Welsbie DS, Mitchell KL, Jaskula-Ranga V, Sluch VM, Yang Z, Kim J, Buehler E, Patel A, Martin SE, Zhang PW, Ge Y, Duan Y, Fuller J, Kim BJ, Hamed E, Chamling X, Lei L, Fraser IDC, Ronai ZA, Berlinicke CA, Zack DJ. 2017. Enhanced Functional Genomic Screening Identifies Novel Mediators of Dual Leucine Zipper Kinase-Dependent Injury Signaling in Neurons. Neuron 94: 1142-1154 e1146.

Watson C, Shimogori T, Puelles L. 2017. Mouse Fgf8-Cre-LacZ lineage analysis defines the territory of the postnatal mammalian isthmus. J Comp Neurol 525: 2782-2799.

Neudecker V, Haneklaus M, Jensen O, Khailova L, Masterson JC, Tye H, Biette K, Jedlicka P, Brodsky KS, Gerich ME, Mack M, Robertson AAB, Cooper MA, Furuta GT, Dinarello CA, O’Neill LA, Eltzschig HK, Masters SL, McNamee EN. 2017. Myeloid-derived miR-223 regulates intestinal inflammation via repression of the NLRP3 inflammasome. J Exp Med 214: 1737-1752.

Fujita Y, Masuda K, Bando M, Nakato R, Katou Y, Tanaka T, Nakayama M, Takao K, Miyakawa T, Tanaka T, Ago Y, Hashimoto H, Shirahige K, Yamashita T. 2017. Decreased cohesin in the brain leads to defective synapse development and anxiety-related behavior. J Exp Med 214(5): 1431-1452.

Kim C, Potluri P, Khalil A, Gaut D, McManus M, Compton S, Wallace DC, Yadava N. 2017. An X-chromosome linked mouse model (Ndufa1S55A) for systemic partial Complex I deficiency for studying predisposition to neurodegeneration and other diseases. Neurochem Int.

Daniels BP, Snyder AG, Olsen TM, Orozco S, Oguin TH, 3rd, Tait SW, Martinez J, Gale M, Jr., Loo YM, Oberst A. 2017. RIPK3 Restricts Viral Pathogenesis via Cell Death-Independent Neuroinflammation. Cell 169: 301-313 e311.

Rosenblum LT, Shamamandri-Markandaiah S, Ghosh B, Foran E, Lepore AC, Pasinelli P, Trotti D. 2017. Mutation of the caspase-3 cleavage site in the astroglial glutamate transporter EAAT2 delays disease progression and extends lifespan in the SOD1-G93A mouse model of ALS. Exp Neurol 292: 145-153.

Longden TA, Dabertrand F, Koide M, Gonzales AL, Tykocki NR, Brayden JE, Hill-Eubanks D, Nelson MT. 2017. Capillary K+-sensing initiates retrograde hyperpolarization to increase local cerebral blood flow. Nat Neurosci. 20: 717-726.

Zakariyah AF, Rajgara RF, Veinot JP, Skerjanc IS, Burgon PG. 2017. Congenital heart defect causing mutation in Nkx2.5 displays in vivo functional deficit. J Mol Cell Cardiol 105: 89-98.

Panaro BL, Flock GB, Campbell JE, Beaudry JL, Cao X, Drucker DJ. 2017. beta-Cell Inactivation of Gpr119 Unmasks Incretin-Dependence of GPR119-Mediated Glucoregulation. Diabetes. 66: 1626-1635.​

Vannoy CH, Zhou H, Qiao C, Xiao X, Bang AG, Lu QL. 2017. Adeno-Associated Virus-Mediated Mini-Agrin Delivery Is Unable to Rescue Disease Phenotype in a Mouse Model of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2I. Am J Pathol 187: 431-440.

Shin Y, Moiseyev G, Chakraborty D, Ma JX. 2017. A Dominant Mutation in Rpe65, D477G, Delays Dark Adaptation and Disturbs the Visual Cycle in the Mutant Knock-In Mice. Am J Pathol 187: 517-527.

Noguchi S, Ogawa M, Malicdan MC, Nonaka I, Nishino I. 2017. Muscle Weakness and Fibrosis Due to Cell Autonomous and Non-cell Autonomous Events in Collagen VI Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. EBioMedicine 15: 193-202.

Mierke CT, Fischer T, Puder S, Kunschmann T, Soetje B, Ziegler WH. 2017. Focal adhesion kinase activity is required for actomyosin contractility-based invasion of cells into dense 3D matrices. Sci Rep 7: 42780.

Martin P, Palmer G, Rodriguez E, Seemayer CA, Palomo J, Talabot-Ayer D, Gabay C. 2017. Deficiency in IL-1 Receptor Type 2 Aggravates K/BxN Serum Transfer-Induced Arthritis in Mice but Has No Impact on Systemic Inflammatory Responses. J Immunol. 198: 2916-2926.

Mao M, Kiss M, Ou Y, Gould DB. 2017. Genetic dissection of anterior segment dysgenesis caused by a Col4a1 mutation. Dis Model Mech.10: 475-485.

Koukouli F, Rooy M, Tziotis D, Sailor KA, O’Neill HC, Levenga J, Witte M, Nilges M, Changeux JP, Hoeffer CA, Stitzel JA, Gutkin BS, DiGregorio DA, Maskos U. 2017. Nicotine reverses hypofrontality in animal models of addiction and schizophrenia. Nat Med. 23: 347-354.

Alexaki A, Clarke BA, Gavrilova O, Ma Y, Zhu H, Ma X, Xu L, Tuymetova G, Larman BC, Allende ML, Dunn TM, Proia RL. 2017. De Novo Sphingolipid Biosynthesis Is Required for Adipocyte Survival and Metabolic Homeostasis. J Biol Chem 292: 3929-3939.

2016 Publications

Wu X, Indzhykulian AA, Niksch PD, Webber RM, Garcia-Gonzalez M, Watnick T, Zhou J, Vollrath MA, Corey DP. 2016. Hair-Cell Mechanotransduction Persists in TRP Channel Knockout Mice. PLoS One 11: e0155577.

Wang XF, Barbier E, Chiu YT, He Y, Zhan J, Bi GH, Zhang HY, Feng B, Liu-Chen LY, Wang JB, Xi ZX. 2016. T394A Mutation at the mu Opioid Receptor Blocks Opioid Tolerance and Increases Vulnerability to Heroin Self-Administration in Mice. J Neurosci 36: 10392-10403.

Subramanian VS, Lambrecht N, Lytle C, Said HM. 2016. Conditional (intestinal-specific) knockout of the riboflavin transporter-3 (RFVT-3) impairs riboflavin absorption. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 310: G285-293.

Sonkusare SK, Dalsgaard T, Bonev AD, Nelson MT. 2016. Inward rectifier potassium (Kir2.1) channels as end-stage boosters of endothelium-dependent vasodilators. J Physiol 594: 3271-3285.

Spencer NJ, Sorensen J, Travis L, Wiklendt L, Costa M, Hibberd T. 2016. Imaging activation of peptidergic spinal afferent varicosities within visceral organs using novel CGRPalpha-mCherry reporter mice. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 311: G880-G894.

Hibberd TJ, Kestell GR, Kyloh MA, Brookes SJ, Wattchow DA, Spencer NJ. 2016. Identification of different functional types of spinal afferent neurons innervating the mouse large intestine using a novel CGRPalpha transgenic reporter mouse. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 310: G561-573.

Shin HY, Willi M, Yoo KH, Zeng X, Wang C, Metser G, Hennighausen L. 2016. Hierarchy within the mammary STAT5-driven Wap super-enhancer. Nat Genet 48: 904-911.

Yang HQ, Foster MN, Jana K, Ho J, Rindler MJ, Coetzee WA. 2016. Plasticity of sarcolemmal KATP channel surface expression: relevance during ischemia and ischemic preconditioning. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 310 H1558-66.

Sato F, Muragaki Y, Kawamoto T, Fujimoto K, Kato Y, Zhang Y. 2016. Rhythmic expression of DEC2 protein in vitro and in vivo. Biomed Rep 4: 704-710.

Pal R, Ke Q, Pihan GA, Yesilaltay A, Penman ML, Wang L, Chitraju C, Kang PM, Krieger M, Kocher O. 2016. Carboxy-terminal deletion of the HDL receptor reduces receptor levels in liver and steroidogenic tissues, induces hypercholesterolemia, and causes fatal heart disease. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 311: H1392-H1408.

Ni J, Bao S, Johnson RI, Zhu B, Li J, Vadaparampil J, Smith CM, Campbell KN, Grahammer F, Huber TB, Xi ZX. 2016. MAGI-1 Interacts with Nephrin to Maintain Slit Diaphragm Structure through Enhanced Rap1 Activation in Podocytes. J Biol Chem 291: 24406-24417.

Nanou E, Yan J, Whitehead NP, Kim MJ, Froehner SC, Scheuer T, Catterall WA. 2016. Altered short-term synaptic plasticity and reduced muscle strength in mice with impaired regulation of presynaptic CaV2.1 Ca2+ channels. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113: 1068-1073.

Nanou E, Sullivan JM, Scheuer T, Catterall WA. 2016. Calcium sensor regulation of the CaV2.1 Ca2+ channel contributes to short-term synaptic plasticity in hippocampal neurons. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113: 1062-1067.

Nanou E, Scheuer T, Catterall WA. 2016. Calcium sensor regulation of the CaV2.1 Ca2+ channel contributes to long-term potentiation and spatial learning. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113: 13209-13214.

Mercier FE, Sykes DB, Scadden DT. 2016. Single Targeted Exon Mutation Creates a True Congenic Mouse for Competitive Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: The C57BL/6-CD45.1(STEM) Mouse. Stem Cell Reports 6: 985-992.

Meadowcroft MD, Wang J, Purnell CJ, Peters DG, Eslinger PJ, Neely EB, Gill DJ, Vasavada M, Ali-Rahmani F, Yang QX, Connor JR. 2016. Reduced white matter MRI transverse relaxation rate in cognitively normal H63D-HFE human carriers and H67D-HFE mice. Brain Imaging Behav 10: 1231-1242.

Marichal T, Gaudenzio N, El Abbas S, Sibilano R, Zurek O, Starkl P, Reber LL, Pirottin D, Kim J, Chambon P, Roers A, Antoine N, Kawakami Y, Kawakami T, Bureau F, Tam SY, Tsai M, Galli SJ. 2016. Guanine nucleotide exchange factor RABGEF1 regulates keratinocyte-intrinsic signaling to maintain skin homeostasis. J Clin Invest 126: 4497-4515.

Kuchmiy AA, D’Hont J, Hochepied T, Lamkanfi M. 2016. NLRP2 controls age-associated maternal fertility. J Exp Med 213: 2851-2860.

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Jayaraman D, Kodani A, Gonzalez DM, Mancias JD, Mochida GH, Vagnoni C, Johnson J, Krogan N, Harper JW, Reiter JF, Yu TW, Bae BI, Walsh CA. 2016. Microcephaly Proteins Wdr62 and Aspm Define a Mother Centriole Complex Regulating Centriole Biogenesis, Apical Complex, and Cell Fate. Neuron 92: 813-828.

Hathaway CK, Chang AS, Grant R, Kim HS, Madden VJ, Bagnell CR, Jr., Jennette JC, Smithies O, Kakoki M. 2016. High Elmo1 expression aggravates and low Elmo1 expression prevents diabetic nephropathy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113: 2218-2222.

Gao Q, Ren H, Chen M, Niu Z, Tao H, Jia Y, Zhang J, Li W. 2016. Long non-coding RNAs regulate effects of beta-crystallin B2 on mouse ovary development. Mol Med Rep 14: 4223-4231.

Fourgeaud L, Traves PG, Tufail Y, Leal-Bailey H, Lew ED, Burrola PG, Callaway P, Zagorska A, Rothlin CV, Nimmerjahn A, Lemke G. 2016. TAM receptors regulate multiple features of microglial physiology. Nature 532: 240-244.

Cheng HY, Gaddis DE, Wu R, McSkimming C, Haynes LD, Taylor AM, McNamara CA, Sorci-Thomas M, Hedrick CC. 2016. Loss of ABCG1 influences regulatory T cell differentiation and atherosclerosis. J Clin Invest 126: 3236-3246.

Chen J, Gu Y, Zhang Z, Zheng W, Yang L, Huang W, Lin S, Li Y, Guo H, Luo M, Ma Q, Jiang Z, Tang A, Gui Y. 2016. Deficiency of SPATA46, a Novel Nuclear Membrane Protein, Causes Subfertility in Male Mice. Biol Reprod 95: 58.

Chakraborty D, Conley SM, Zulliger R, Naash MI. 2016. The K153Del PRPH2 mutation differentially impacts photoreceptor structure and function. Hum Mol Genet 25: 3500-3514.

Caron C, DeGeer J, Fournier P, Duquette PM, Luangrath V, Ishii H, Karimzadeh F, Lamarche-Vane N, Royal I. 2016. CdGAP/ARHGAP31, a Cdc42/Rac1 GTPase regulator, is critical for vascular development and VEGF-mediated angiogenesis. Sci Rep 6: 27485.

Beguelin W, Teater M, Gearhart MD, Calvo Fernandez MT, Goldstein RL, Cardenas MG, Hatzi K, Rosen M, Shen H, Corcoran CM, Hamline MY, Gascoyne RD, Levine RL, Abdel-Wahab O, Licht JD, Shaknovich R, Elemento O, Bardwell VJ, Melnick AM. 2016. EZH2 and BCL6 Cooperate to Assemble CBX8-BCOR Complex to Repress Bivalent Promoters, Mediate Germinal Center Formation and Lymphomagenesis. Cancer Cell 30: 197-213.

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Antony AN, Paillard M, Moffat C, Juskeviciute E, Correnti J, Bolon B, Rubin E, Csordas G, Seifert EL, Hoek JB, Hajnóczky G. 2016. MICU1 regulation of mitochondrial Ca(2+) uptake dictates survival and tissue regeneration. Nat Commun 7: 10955.

Alavi MV, Mao M, Pawlikowski BT, Kvezereli M, Duncan JL, Libby RT, John SW, Gould DB. 2016. Col4a1 mutations cause progressive retinal neovascular defects and retinopathy. Sci Rep 6: 18602.

2015 Publications

Huang L,  Urtatiz O, Van Raamsdonk CD. 2015. Oncogenic G Protein GNAQ Induces Uveal Melanoma and Intravasation in Mice. Cancer Res 14: 3229.

Emmanuele V, Kubota A, Garcia-Diaz B, Garone C, Akman HO, Sanchez-Gutierrez D, Escudero LM, Kariya S, Homma S, Tanji K Quinzii CM, Hirano M. 2015. Fhl1 W122S causes loss of protein function and late-onset mild myopathy. Hum Mol Genet 24: 714-726.

Zulliger R, Conley SM, Mwoyosvi ML, Stuck MW, Azadi S, Naash MI. 2015. SNAREs Interact with Retinal Degeneration Slow and Rod Outer Segment Membrane Protein-1 during Conventional and Unconventional Outer Segment Targeting. PLoS One 10: e0138508.

Zemen BG, Lai MH, Whitt JP, Khan Z, Zhao G, Meredith AL. 2015. Generation of Kcnma1fl-tdTomato, a conditional deletion of the BK channel alpha subunit in mouse. Physiol Rep 3.

Yoon KW, Byun S, Kwon E, Hwang SY, Chu K, Hiraki M, Jo SH, Weins A, Hakroush S, Cebulla A, Sykes DB, Greka A, Mundel P, Fisher DE, Mandinova A, Lee SW. 2015. Control of signaling-mediated clearance of apoptotic cells by the tumor suppressor p53. Science 349: 1261669.

Wilson JE, Petrucelli AS, Chen L, Koblansky AA, Truax AD, Oyama Y, Rogers AB, Brickey WJ, Wang Y, Schneider M, Mühlbauer M, Chou WC, Barker BR, Jobin C, Allbritton NL, Ramsden DA, Davis BK, Ting JP. 2015. Inflammasome-independent role of AIM2 in suppressing colon tumorigenesis via DNA-PK and Akt. Nat Med 21: 906-913.

Thakur C, Wolfarth M, Sun J, Zhang Y, Lu Y, Battelli L, Porter DW, Chen F. 2015. Oncoprotein mdig contributes to silica-induced pulmonary fibrosis by altering balance between Th17 and Treg T cells. Oncotarget 6: 3722-3736.

Talabot-Ayer D, Martin P, Vesin C, Seemayer CA, Vigne S, Gabay C, Palmer G. 2015. Severe neutrophil-dominated inflammation and enhanced myelopoiesis in IL-33-overexpressing CMV/IL33 mice. J Immunol 194: 750-760.

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Lin WJ, Jiang C, Sadahiro M, Bozdagi O, Vulchanova L, Alberini CM, Salton SR. 2015. VGF and Its C-Terminal Peptide TLQP-62 Regulate Memory Formation in Hippocampus via a BDNF-TrkB-Dependent Mechanism. J Neurosci 35: 10343-10356.

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Gong W, Gohla RM, Bowlin KM, Koyano-Nakagawa N, Garry DJ, Shi X. 2015. Kelch Repeat and BTB Domain Containing Protein 5 (Kbtbd5) Regulates Skeletal Muscle Myogenesis through the E2F1-DP1 Complex. J Biol Chem 290: 15350-15361.

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Emmanuele V, Kubota A, Garcia-Diaz B, Garone C, Akman HO, Sanchez-Gutierrez D, Escudero LM, Kariya S, Homma S, Tanji K et al. 2015. Fhl1 W122S causes loss of protein function and late-onset mild myopathy. Hum Mol Genet 24: 714-726.

Dincheva I, Drysdale AT, Hartley CA, Johnson DC, Jing D, King EC, Ra S, Gray JM, Yang R, DeGruccio AM, Huang C, Cravatt BF, Glatt CE, Hill MN, Casey BJ, Lee FS. 2015. FAAH genetic variation enhances fronto-amygdala function in mouse and human. Nat Commun 6: 6395.

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