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Mouse Rosa26 Locus


Targeted transgenic mice using the Rosa26 locus.

At ingenious, we utilize our Rapid-Rosa26™ Targeting technology for production of targeted transgenic mice with shorter production timelines and reduced costs, without compromising performance and quality. We utilize well-validated gene targeting strategies combined with our ready-to-go enhancing vectors to deliver your expression cassette or cDNA to the Rosa26 locus in record time.

Do you have another safe harbor locus in mind to use for your mouse model other than Rosa26? Contact us to discuss your goals and the design you are interested in developing for your research.

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Rosa26 Model Types Available at ingenious

Constitutive Expression
Tissue-Specific Expression
Conditional Expression
Conditional / Inducible Expression (Rosa-Express)

No design is too difficult for ingenious – contact us today to discuss a new transgenic line with a large insert or complex genetic elements.

Below are examples of some of the models we can create utilizing Rapid-Rosa26™ Targeting:

  • Ubiquitous Expression

    A transgene can simply be inserted into the Rosa26 locus for ubiquitous over-expression by means of the Rosa26 gene promoter or CAG promoter. The CAG promoter is a strong, ubiquitously expressing promoter which can be utilized when strong over-expression is desired.

    Rosa26 Schematic 1

  • Tissue Specific or Temporal Control

    The use of a loxP flanked stop cassette will enable you to activate gene expression in your tissue of choice through mating with a tissue-specific Cre mouse line. Or, CreERT2 mice can be utilized to provide inducible transgene expression upon treatment with Tamoxifen. This approach creates a versatile line which can overexpress your construct in any tissue for which you have a Cre line.

    Rosa26 Schematic 2

  • Inducible Rosa26-Express™ Targeting

    One way to obtain transgenic mice with tissue specific and inducible control is to utilize ingenious’ Inducible Rosa26-Express™ targeting system. By combining Cre abilities with drug inducibility all in one model, our technology gives you the precise control over gene expression that you need. Click here for more information on our Inducible Rosa26-Express™ system.