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Single Immune Checkpoint Humanized Mice

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Study-ready, dependable humanized mice at competitive prices.

ingenious targeting laboratory has collaborated with Shanghai Model Organisms Center, Inc. to provide our clients with high quality, validated single immune checkpoint humanized mice. These mice have been rising in popularity among researchers, as they are invaluable tools for gene function, drug screening and efficacy studies.

With these new offerings, we’re able to provide study-ready genetically modified mice at affordable price points. In addition, these mice are all available on the C57BL/6 background, giving you the predictability you need. Some models are also available on BALB/c, with more to come. Our single immune checkpoint humanized mice will fit seamlessly into your research plans.

Why purchase catalog mouse models from ingenious?

  • ingenious and SMOC have over 40 years of collective experience in creating genetically modified mice for researchers.
  • We offer the most competitive pricing for our catalog humanized mice in North America and Europe.
  • Compared to other vendors, our immune checkpoint models are all on the pure C57/BL6 background. Some of the lines are also available in BALB/c.
  • Because these mice are off-the-shelf, you can expect to receive them at your lab sooner than a custom-generated model.
  • Immune checkpoint humanized mice are ideal models for antibody efficacy, cancer, and immunotherapy studies.
  • Our team of scientific experts is here to answer all of your questions and meet with you for a virtual consultation. Get in touch with us.
Download our catalog

Single immune checkpoint humanized mouse models available at ingenious:

Strain Name Catalog No. Data Price
4-1BB IT-HU-190077 PDF Inquire
CD40 IT-HU-00076 PDF Inquire
CD47 IT-HU-00050 PDF Inquire
CD73 (NT5E) IT-HU-200009 PDF Inquire
CTLA4 (C57BL/6) IT-HU-00014 PDF Inquire
CTLA4 (BALB/c) IT-HU-190078 PDF Inquire
KDR IT-HU-00098 PDF Inquire
LAG3 IT-HU-00049 PDF Inquire
OX40 IT-HU-00041 PDF Inquire
PD-1 (C57BL/6) IT-HU-00015 PDF Inquire
PD-1 (BALB/c) IT-HU-190079 PDF Inquire
PD-L1 IT-HU-00062 PDF Inquire
SIRPA IT-HU-18015 PDF Inquire
TIGIT (C57BL/6) IT-HU-00053 PDF Inquire
TIM3 (C57BL/6) IT-HU-00054 PDF Inquire
TIM3 (BALB/c) IT-HU-2000110 PDF Inquire
TNFR2 (TNFRSF1B) IT-HU-190010 PDF Inquire