ingenious targeting laboratory is open and fully operational to work on new and existing animal model projects.

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Core Facility Collaborations

Core Facility Collaboration

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“We believe there should be no obstacle between researchers and the tools that they need to complement their studies.”

ingenious has been providing the research community with exceptional and advanced genetic engineering tools since 1998. In that time we have built relationships and formed collaborations with the goal of making gene targeted mouse models available to as many researchers as possible.

ingenious’ Embryonic Stem Cells: Our Cells in Your Hands

ingenious was the pioneering company to offer C57BL/6 embryonic stem cells for gene targeting back in 2002. All of our ES cell lines have a >90% euploidy rate compared to the industry standard of 70%, and have contributed to the creation and delivery of over 1900 unique models worldwide. By providing our targeted embryonic stem cells to core facilities around the world, ingenious offers the option to generate custom mouse lines quickly and within the comfort of your own facility. ingenious’ experts will create any design, from classic to cutting edge, and provide the most robust targeted ES cells available in the industry.

Here is how a collaboration between ingenious targeting laboratory and your core facility can work, using the relationship we have built with Emory University as an example:

ingenious targeting laboratory workflow

Core Facility Capabilities

Most core facilities have transitioned from embryonic stem cell, or ES cell, targeting and random integration transgenics to CRISPR in recent years. However, CRISPR cannot do it all (yet). Collaborations with ingenious have allowed core facilities to maintain their ES cell business, increase their injection business, and expand their gene targeting portfolio to include our unique and proprietary technologies.