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For your convenience, ingenious has created software, quick guides, and charts with information on the different types of animal models we offer. We’ve compiled all of our downloadable resources in one place for easy access.

Why Make A Humanized Mouse?

By Kristen Coughlin Humanized Mouse Models The mouse has been used for over 30 years as a model system for studying human disease. Recently, “humanized” mice have grown in popularity because they are formidable models of the human being and therefore extremely useful for understanding the human condition. What exactly is a humanized mouse? A humanized

Brain Health, Iron Levels And Oxidative Stress – A Delicate Balance

By Richard Row, Ph.D. Understanding Brain Health Building and maintaining a healthy brain requires thousands of distinct processes to be exquisitely balanced throughout decades of life. Extensive research in recent decades has found this equilibrium is disrupted in brains that are aging or undergoing degeneration. However it isn’t clear whether these disturbances are a cause

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Making My First Knockin Mouse Model

My First Knockin Mouse Model Creating a new mouse model is a major step in any research program. Some things may have come to mind such as, “Can’t I finish this project using models that already exist?” or “Will I ever graduate if I undertake a knockin mouse model project?” If you have reached a


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“We found iTL’s service to be exceptionally efficient and very well managed. We generated several mouse lines with iTL, and every step for each project was performed quickly and precisely, without any delays or problems.”

-Santos Franco, PhD