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Custom Animal Models

At ingenious targeting laboratory, every model we create is custom tailored for the specific needs of your research. We offer classic knockout and knockin models, as well as advanced targeting options including conditional point mutations and conditional knockouts with reporters. An ingenious model can become the cornerstone of your research for years to come. Contact us today to discuss the ideal model for your next project.

Benefits of Working with ingenious

Experience– 19 years of custom animal model generation.

Proven success– models used in hundreds of published studies.

Satisfaction– customers return again and again with new projects

Guaranteed delivery– your animal model, not just your money back.

Personalized support– from before your project begins to after your models are delivered.

Together we choose the best design and approach for your new model.

Guaranteed Delivery. With our proprietary service ingenious CRISPR 100%, we produce the model you need with certainty. 

We provide confirmed germline transmitters and a complete screening strategy for your lab to use.

How we work together with you at every stage of model production:

custom mouse models

ingenious targeting laboratory guarantee

For nearly 2 decades, ingenious has been helping investigators worldwide by developing mouse models customized specifically to their needs.

You will receive a quote within 24 hours, and one of our technical consultants will contact you to discuss your next animal model.

“We are actively engaged in the production of a number of conditional mouse models with iTL. This collaboration has been simple on my end, just providing the gene accession numbers of each gene, and iTL recommending the strategies for each gene. The full range of mouse knockout services matches my needs well. I find iTL’s service uniquely useful for my situation of needing different models for my research in a quick and efficient manner.”

– Mehboob Hussain, MD