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Knockin Mice

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From single point mutations to the most intricate designs ingenious has delivered custom knockin mice again and again for 20 years. With a complete toolkit of different approaches and an experienced scientific staff, there is no knockin design that is out of reach. Contact us today to discuss the custom knockin mouse model your lab will use for years to come.

Custom Knockins For Your Research

Point Mutation Cassette Insertions
Conventional Strategy
Single or multiple point mutations across regions big or small can be engineered for your project.

Targeted gene can only express mutant sequence.
Target your gene of interest with a cassette insertion to express an alternate sequence.

Cassette sequence can be expressed in addition to, or in place of gene’s sequence.

Can express Cre, reporter gene, human cDNA and more.
Conditional Strategy
Bypass embryonic lethality with a conditional point mutation model.

Precisely control expression of your mutant gene sequence.
Enhance your model by taking advantage of the Cre/lox system.

Express cDNAs, reporter genes, tags, or a unique custom expression cassette in a conditional manner.
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Novel KI’s

What are knockin mice?

Knockin mice (KI mice) have a genetic element inserted into a specific locus in the genome. To achieve this a DNA construct must be made with the insert sequence flanked on both sides by sequences from the mouse genome. The flanking sequences target the insertion to the desired location by inducing homologous recombination. The knockin mice method is different from classic pronuclear injection transgenesis, where genes are inserted randomly into the mouse genome.

DNA can be introduced directly into mouse embryos or embryonic stem cells and will integrate at a low frequency, creating transgenic embryos or cells. Variations on this technique, including the use of the CRISPR/Cas9 system, increase the frequency of integration and can enable creation of targeted transgenic mice lines.