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Knockin Mice

From single point mutations to the most intricate designs ingenious has delivered custom knockin mice again and again for almost 20 years. With a complete toolkit of different approaches and an experienced scientific staff, there is no knockin design that is out of reach. Contact us today to discuss the custom knockin model your lab will use for years to come.


Conventional KI’s

Point Mutation

If your project requires single or multiple point mutations, across regions big or small, ingenious has the experience and tools for the project. Click here to read more about options for point mutation models.

Cassette Insertions

Target your gene of interest with a cassette insertion to express an alternate sequence or co-express a reporter or other gene. Express the human sequence in place of mouse, co-express Cre recombinase, and more.

Conditional KI’s

Point Mutation

Precisely control expression of the mutant gene sequence with a conditional point mutant model. Click here to learn more about bypassing embryonic lethality with a conditional model.

Cassette Insertions

Tissue specific expression control via Cre Recombinase is available for cassettes of all types. Whether the project requires cDNAs, reporter genes, tags, or a unique custom expression cassette, ingenious can provide a design to meet your needs.

Novel KI’s


Humanized mice using ingenious’ TruHumanization™ strategy completely replaces endogenous mouse genes with the human genomic sequence including introns and regulatory features, and more. Leave nothing behind.

Inducible Rosa26-Express™

Tissue specific and doxycycline inducible/reversible expression control over your cDNA or multi component cassette has never been simpler. ingenious’ proprietary Inducible Rosa26-Express Targeting system provides a straightforward design option for those who require precise control for their research.

Inducible/reversible (F.A.S.T.™)

A proprietary cassette is inserted into the target gene, allowing you to create five different models including: global gene knockout, tissue/time specific rescue, and ectopic expression. Learn more about our F.A.S.T. technology!

What are knockin mice?

Knockin mice (KI mice) have a genetic element inserted into a specific locus in the genome. To achieve this a DNA construct must be made with the insert sequence flanked on both sides by sequences from the mouse genome. The flanking sequences target the insertion to the desired location by inducing homologous recombination. The knockin mice method is different from classic pronuclear injection transgenesis, where genes are inserted randomly into the mouse genome.  

DNA can be introduced directly into mouse embryos or embryonic stem cells and will integrate at a low frequency, creating transgenic embryos or cells. Variations on this technique, including the use of the CRISPR/Cas9 system, increase the frequency of integration and can enable creation of targeted transgenic mice lines.

The Advantages of Rat Models

By Kristen Coughlin The rat as a model system Rats were the first mammalian species specifically domesticated to be used in the laboratory. Two centuries ago, the brown rat Rattus norvegicus was used by scientists to understand human physiology and medicine, concentrating on the effects of food and oxygen deprivation. Rats have since been used

A New Humanized Mouse Model

A New Humanized Mouse Model Leads to New Opportunities in Treating Colorectal Cancer While immunotherapy is effective in the case of many different types of cancer, colorectal cancers have always presented scientists with far greater challenges, due to being “microsatellite stable.” According to Julie Lang, PhD, the CU Cancer Center’s senior research associate, a recently

Humanized Mice Used in Newborn Jaundice Research

Advanced Treatments Aiming to Stop the Development of Newborn Jaundice A condition known as jaundice is responsible for many health risks and problems involving newborn babies, particularly in lesser developed countries throughout Africa and South Asia, where treatments such as blood transfusions are not as readily available as in developed countries. Newborn jaundice is caused

You will receive a quote within 24 hours, and one of our technical consultants will contact you to discuss your next Knockin mouse model.

“We have worked with inGenious Targeting Laboratory, Inc. on a variety of conventional, conditional and knockin projects, and we are very impressed with how flexible their service was to our needs and expectations. We look forward to our continued success in generating different mouse models with iTL.” 

-Iannis Aifantis, PhD