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Our custom made models have advanced the research of over 900 laboratories worldwide.

A full-service project from ingenious will apply technologies including the CRISPR/Cas9 system to your project, with assured results. Our scientists are backed by 20 years of experience and will create custom targeting strategies for your gene of interest.  Together we carefully evaluate your needs and research goals and translate them into personalized project parameters for your particular animal model. Before a project is initiated, the gene of interest is thoroughly evaluated at no extra cost. Our track record allows us to guarantee delivery of the mice you need, giving us the confidence to call our service ingenious 100%.

The power of CRISPR/Cas9, the certainty you need.

Our proprietary process allows us to produce the model you need with 100% certainty. With predictable timelines, a price that fits your budget, and our promise to you – guaranteed delivery of your mouse model – ingenious will succeed for you where others have failed.

ingenious 100% utilizes a proprietary process characterized by optimized, alternative production steps which are run simultaneously. Utilizing a broad, parallel workflow overcomes many of the disadvantages typical for standard CRISPR genome editing which relies on interdependent sequential as well as repetitive procedures. Our unique, integrative production approach enables significantly improved editing outcomes as it applies alternative paths towards the same genomic target.

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