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Knockout Mouse Models

Knockout Mice

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knockout mouse

Conventional Knockout

The target region is deleted or replaced with a reporter gene. The targeted gene is thus inactivated at all times, in all tissues.

knockout mouse

Conditional Knockout

The target region is flanked by loxP sites (“floxed”) to facilitate Cre recombinase-mediated excision, leading to tissue-specific gene inactivation.

Learn more about ingenious’ core knockout specialities:

  • Targeted gene knockout mice with multiple options for strategy, including a CRISPR/Cas9 knockout.
  • Delete as little as 200bp, or as much as 200kb using our BAC technology.
  • Enhance the versatility of your knockout mice by combining reporter gene expression with your targeted knockout.

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Innovations in Generating Knockout Mice

A knockout mouse is a mouse in which an existing gene has been inactivated, or “knocked out,” by deleting portions of the gene’s DNA sequence to make it nonfunctional, or by replacing the gene with an altered DNA sequence. ingenious began as one of the pioneering companies delivering knockout mice to researchers worldwide. From conventional deletions to conditional knockouts and large scale deletions using BACs, we have developed the technology and expertise to target even the most challenging genes. Working with ingenious targeting laboratory, our clients know they have chosen a company with longevity, backed by almost two decades of successful, published experience with knockout mice.